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President Trump called Georgia election officials to express his concern over the election fraud but the unhappy released the conversation tape to left media
Terry Cohen   (01-04-2021)
This is not even a news! Everyone knows president Trump has mentioned the election fraud for many times! He asked all swing states to have a look on their election processes and do an audit!
Terrissa cooper   (01-04-2021)
not a big deal! but I just can not tolerate those media anymore.
Ken Shea   (01-05-2021)
I like Trump b'cause he is simple and real.
Bob Taylor   (01-05-2021)
They hate him because they can not control him. He is here for the people of Untied State of America only and he did not get one penny from the tax payer during his presidency. Not like other politicians, most of them become millionaires after being elected.

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