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1/6 rally - Millions patriots are rushing to Washington DC for tomorrow's rally
Will Carter   (01-05-2021)
Dave Davision   (01-05-2021)
Roger that
Andrew Lin   (01-05-2021)
Got it!
Sussie Wojcicki   (01-05-2021)
Whatever19 Gamer   (01-05-2021)
never too late to get things done.
Bob Coleman   (01-05-2021)
I am with you!
Terrissa cooper   (01-05-2021)
Joe Biden is not the president-elected but he is the president-selected!
John Green   (01-05-2021)
Can not keep my silence anymore. I will be standing out. You guys have me now.
John Adler   (01-05-2021)
take one day off, and go for the right thing
Lisa Linseed   (01-05-2021)
Some people are complaining the corruption in Chicago area and New York. But, the corruption in Philly and its surrounding areas are obviously horrible too. Did you see it?
Chris P. Windsor   (01-05-2021)
Are those senators really listening to you guys as most of them are millionaires!
Ken Shea   (01-05-2021)
Stay safe!
Freedom Breaking News Alert   (01-07-2021)
Unfortunately four have been shot!

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