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A Hollywood movie producer told Sharon Stone to sleep with 'Basic Instinct' co-star to build 'chemistry' - really disgusting 🤮
Sussie Wojcicki   (03-19-2021)
This man is really disgusting and tasteless! 🤢
Sue Wojcicji   (03-19-2021)
We need a “ woman dignity matter “ movement ! lol
Andrew Lin   (03-22-2021)
There are many perverts in the Hollywood! - This is what I believe!
Merriah L Carries   (03-22-2021)
It is a criminal offense! He needs to be in jail!
Bill Barr   (03-24-2021)
Disgusting 🤮
Joe Harris   (03-24-2021)
Sick person! How can he ask her to do a such disgusting thing just for a movie!? This is a criminal offense!

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