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PA observer was testified in court hearing that inserting USB drive to voting machines may violate the procedures defined by the Board of Delaware County of Elections.
Terry Cohen   (11-27-2020)
Find out the truth please!
Tony Bears   (11-27-2020)
We are watching you!
Andrew Lin   (11-27-2020)
Many mailing votes are not audited and they are never going to audit it!
Bill Carson   (11-27-2020)
Wow! No one even cares about the vote audit!
John Adler   (11-27-2020)
In god, we trust! How can we trust those men who are not willing to audit the votes? How can we trust the voting result if we do not verify the ballots?
Terrissa cooper   (12-01-2020)
Many voting frauds are found in PA but Democrats supporters are just pretending they did not see them at all!
Andrew Pelters   (12-02-2020)
PA is one of the top 5 most corrupted states as we know!
Dave Davision   (12-03-2020)
The system is connecting to a router and the router is connecting to the high speed internet! What the heck is it doing? The voting laws are totally not enforced! You guys are so shameful! This procedure is so embarrassing!

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