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Many people are questioning the election result because Biden can not be trusted
Andrew Lin   (01-04-2021)
You don’t trust a corrupted politician like Biden!
Merriah L Carries   (01-04-2021)
He will not be honest in the election!
Terrissa cooper   (01-04-2021)
He is a cheater!
Tony Bears   (01-05-2021)
He can not be trusted for sure! It is a common sense - If my son took billions of money from an overseas government , then what would i do in return to appreciate the bribers? You know what i would do! Right! He is a 100% Dirty Washington politician!
Terry Anderson   (01-05-2021)
If we do not investigate the integrity of this election then how can we have the other election fairly in future? Tell me! people. what about if this election indeed is a "fraud" but we let it go, then we will lose our rights of election forever. Go to 1/6 rally for our children and Let democrats know our concerns. (We just need an audit on this election to reinstall our confidences and trusts! Why you could not do it?)
Bob Taylor   (01-05-2021)
Communists NEVER can be trusted!

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