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Supreme Court temporary keeps the DACA alive due to the insufficient paperwork of Trump Administration
Tommy Fairbank   (06-20-2020)
Can we do the same thing to other countries? Next time, we ship 700 thousands our young kids to other countries and ask them to feed for them! LOL
Terrissa cooper   (06-22-2020)
No one is above the law! Please! My little boy needs a passport to go to Mexico so why don’t you do the same?if we can not go to other countries without a passport then why others can get into our country Illegally?
Terry Anderson   (06-22-2020)
I went to Canada without a passport but Canadian dudes dropped me off at the border bridge US side in same day with no delay!
Terry Cohen   (06-22-2020)
If you ask any country in this world, could you please take 700k of those immigrants to your country? I guess none of them would say yes except us!
Sussie Brady   (06-25-2020)
This is a loophole of immigration law system!
Bob Coleman   (06-25-2020)
Not a good news.
Sussie Brady   (07-13-2020)
Illegal immigrants should go home! It does not matter how old they are!

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