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The timeline of Joe Biden and his family's secret enterprise ( I )
Tony Bears   (10-21-2020)
Good article! Hope you will publish second part soon.
Terry Cohen   (10-21-2020)
Perfect information to deliver to us at right time. Thanks.
Dave Davision   (10-21-2020)
OMG! I guess Joe Biden could be a 100% communist! No wonder The CCP is choosing him for puppet!!!
Joe Harris   (10-21-2020)
My goodness! now I know why he never criticize the CCP. He will sell our country to Communist China. For sure!
Andrew Lin   (10-21-2020)
Joe Biden met Deng Xiaoping as many times as he met Xi Jinping. Their relationship is much more than just friends. They are more like communist comrades.
Andrew Pelters   (10-21-2020)
Highly corrupted politician!
Dave Davision   (10-21-2020)
Holy crap! I can't believe it! Sleepy Joe, did you do that?
Joe Harris   (10-21-2020)
"He had net worth less than 30k when he was V.P. in his first term but in late 2014 he became a millionaire." LOL. oh, come on , man.
Bob Taylor   (10-21-2020)
Oh, come on, man. You did it.
Andrew Lin   (10-21-2020)
Roses are red Kamala is not black, Joe Biden is in hiding while hunter is on crack
Sussie Wojcicki   (10-23-2020)
Come on. Man. You say you will do this and you will do that but for last 40 years in politics, you got the power and authority, what have you done!? Come on, man! You should be retired! Biden!
Sussan Beckett   (10-27-2020)
"2/17/2012, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden met again in Los Angeles. Xi called Joe "an old friend". They met at least eight times during last 18 months." - What were they doing?
Dave Davision   (10-31-2020)
Joe Biden is game over!
Bob Patricks   (11-01-2020)
It is time to drain the swamp again!
Bob Patricks   (11-01-2020)
Joke Biden should not go to White House but he should go to jail !
Andrew Lin   (11-01-2020)
Joke Biden + kamikaze Harris + CCP = the corrupted alliance

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