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How disgusting evil thoughts of Vladimir Lenin ? Look at his quotes.
Terry Cohen   (02-28-2021)
This communist dude Lenin is really a sick person who must have a mental disorder problem! Thanks for sharing! I did not know how evil he was until now.
Tony Bears   (02-28-2021)
Leninism, marxism, communism, socialism , maoism are all 😷 sick ideas! These trash ideas must be thrown in the trash can and be buried in the wasteland!
Joe Harris   (03-01-2021)
Dealing with the communists is a wrong choice. For sure. "The goal of socialism is communism." - both are suckers
Bill Barr   (03-01-2021)
There can be nothing more abominable than communism and socialism!
Bill Barr   (03-01-2021)
Vladimir Lenin is a first communist evil! Mao is the second!
Andrew Lin   (03-01-2021)
Completely a evil man.
Merriah L Carries   (03-01-2021)
"There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel." - That is why most communists are scoundrels and criminals.
Proud American   (03-01-2021)
A stupid moron destroyed his country with his crazy idea and bought a big tragedy to the whole civilized world. The communism is still threatening the world even today.
Terry Cohen   (03-01-2021)
@ Merriah, That is exactly what CCP looks like! - political thugs! Unexpectedly, Some Democrats are learning these things from CCP!
Terry Cohen   (03-01-2021)
@ Proud American, Lenin is a stupid moron from Russia but the super stupid moron Karl Marx is from Germany. Unfortunately, these stupid morons’ stupid ideas are still influencing some people (like Sanders and Biden) even today!
Anna Lawson   (03-10-2021)
Vladimir Lenin is really a sick man who should be in jail for life!
Bob Patricks   (03-11-2021)
"We are not shooting enough professors." - Sick, sick and really sick! He is a commie dictator and a bad ass!
Stefan SZE   (03-12-2021)
Wow. This dude Lenin is really unbelievable and crazy.

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