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Extreme far left medium MSNBC which is a subsidiary of Comcast.
Terry Cohen   (01-28-2021)
Like father, like son. Like parent companies, like the subsidiaries! Two suckers!
Tony Bears   (01-29-2021)
Now , everything makes sense to me! No wonder! Those suckers are full of hatred and bias!
Tommy Fairbank   (01-29-2021)
Some companies in north east America are really evil!
Andrew Pelters   (01-29-2021)
No wonder!
Sussie Wojcicki   (02-01-2021)
Comcast’s headquarter is located in Moorestown NJ where people have no fiber internet (which is much faster than cable) because comcast does not allow other fast ISP to run in the township so everyone has to use the slow Comcast cable with no choices!
Bill Barr   (02-13-2021)
We know that! No worries!

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