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Huawei is not a private company! It is a state owned company!
Sussie Brady   (06-25-2020)
Got it!
Sussie Brady   (06-25-2020)
You forgot to mention one important thing that there is no such a fair law system in China. The CCP is above the all laws and they make their own laws to benefit themselves! The top party members are manipulating everything! That is the problem - A big problem to civilized lawful western world! It is now challenging our common values and freedom!
Bob Coleman   (06-25-2020)
The critical problem is now they are using their economy power to influence/bribe the whole world and showing the military muscle to its neighbors!
Bob Coleman   (06-25-2020)
Did the CCP just bribe the WHO!?
Bob Coleman   (06-25-2020)
If we do not take action now, this red beast will likely cause many troubles to the world soon ! Why? It is because it is getting evil in its absolutely political and military power!
Bobbie Copeland   (06-27-2020)
It is a CCP owned company!
Andrew Lin   (07-13-2020)
Definitely it is not a private company!
Tonny Edison   (07-13-2020)
We know it is not !
Terrissa cooper   (07-17-2020)
It is a CCP owned company! Correct!
Ruger Patel   (07-20-2020)
It is not private! For sure!

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