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Many “thanks” to super corrupted Democratic Party, now we are getting closer to socialism and communism!
Terry Cohen   (11-07-2020)
Thanks to Demo-rats! We are heading to North Korea!
Bob Patricks   (11-07-2020)
We are not going to communism neither the socialism ! We the people can resolve this mess! We will know what to do next after the investigation on ballot cheating has been done!
Sussie Wojcicki   (11-08-2020)
Red dragon is coming and is bringing fires!
Joe Harris   (11-08-2020)
Nazi is socialist! The bernie is socialist! The Democratic Party is the combination of communist and socialist!
Andrew Lin   (11-09-2020)
Bernie Sanders is socialist!
Dave Davision   (11-10-2020)
Freedom! 🇺🇸
Sussan Beckett   (11-14-2020)
😛 😂
Bill Carson   (11-15-2020)
Communism sucks! That is all!

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