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Protests have continued for a third consecutive night in capital despite the resignation of Lebanon’s government
Terry Cohen   (08-11-2020)
Politicians are not above the law! Is not it? It is the responsibility Matter , not the resignation Matter!
Andrew Lin   (08-11-2020)
When something bad happened, Lebanon’s politicians just resigned themselves and got out of the troubles. LOL , smart asses! Hahahahaha . It is just a damn job! Who cares! Hassan Diab will be able to find another job by tomorrow. LOL
Sussie Wojcicki   (08-11-2020)
What are they asking for? Again for justice? Man , let me tell you a clue: we have a lot of justices in luxury stores! You can have as many as you want! Hahahahaha
Will Carter   (08-11-2020)
No one goes to jail?

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