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In Nevada, 300k mail in ballots, zero of them were verified by signature!
Joe Harris   (11-09-2020)
If you could not verify the signatures then why do you count them in? Stupid!
Kevin PiFa SISCO   (11-09-2020)
It is stupid!
Andrew Lin   (11-09-2020)
Dave Davision   (11-10-2020)
Shocked! We need to correct this mess! Recount!
Bobbie Copeland   (11-14-2020)
Need a justice!
Sussan Beckett   (11-14-2020)
Does anyone care about it?
Bill Carson   (11-15-2020)
No one will investigate this? What the hell!
Kevin Lee   (11-25-2020)
It must be something wrong but they just don’t want to find out the truth!

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