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CNN says trump is crazy and there’s no fraud. So it’s likely the exact opposite.
Joe Harris   (11-08-2020)
What we need to do is boycott the sponsors of the fake news outlets. The companies sponsoring fake news are the source of the problem and if they aren't put out of business this will keep repeating.
Kevin PiFa SISCO   (11-09-2020)
Mail-in ballots are not verified by signature, but they are still counted ! is it a fraud? Yes!
Andrew Lin   (11-09-2020)
We know it is a fraud!
Dave Davision   (11-10-2020)
A lot of frauds! CNN is blind!
Sussan Beckett   (11-14-2020)
CNN: completely nonsense news!
Bill Carson   (11-15-2020)
If there’s no fraud, then prove it! Investigate it and let us know!

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