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A forgotten Macbook laptop provided by a Delaware computer repairman, discloses how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad - by New York Post
Terry Cohen   (10-15-2020)
Sleepy Joe becomes creepy Joe then becomes liar Joe! Hahahahaha
Tony Bears   (10-15-2020)
LOL. Evidence!
Bobbie Copeland   (10-17-2020)
James Biden got same issue.
Sussie Brady   (10-17-2020)
This is definitely a bad news to Biden!
Whatever19 Gamer   (10-17-2020)
If you want to be rich then you do not go for a political job! The political job will never get rich except you are corrupt!
Tom Anderson   (10-18-2020)
Biden is game over!
Tom Anderson   (10-18-2020)
FB, Twitter and many left wing media are covering up this breaking news. That is shameful! We the public have rights to request the truth!
Terrissa cooper   (10-18-2020)
Biden should be locked up in jail! That is the only solution! People can lie but the computer doesn’t lie!
Terry Anderson   (10-18-2020)
If it is not game over yet and it will be game over for Biden soon! Hunter Biden and James Biden are deeply involved in Ukrainian and Chinese Businesses! We all know it! Now , the evidence is discovered! Time to pay for your corruptions.
John Adler   (10-18-2020)
Wow! It is very unexpected! I was shocked!
Bob Taylor   (10-21-2020)
I do not really care the Tax Return on how a millionaire becomes a politician, but I do care a Tax Return on how a politician becomes a millionaire.
Andrew Pelters   (10-21-2020)
The man is hypocrisy!
Bob Taylor   (10-21-2020)
Dude, you got to be careful! You are finished!

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