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Let see how Biden’s team members treat women in a ‘respectful’ way as Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo was threatening a female journalist on 1/20.
Terry Cohen   (02-14-2021)
Biden did the same thing to the woman, Tara Reade, who told medium that — he penetrated her with his fingers under her skirt when she brought him a gym bag in spring 1993. At the time, she was a staff assistant in his office on Capitol Hill. She pushed him away and he told her that he would destroy her if she told this to anyone else!
Terry Cohen   (02-14-2021)
Reade said that she also told her mother, who has since died, and her brother, who has told The Intercept that he remembers having been told about an incident at the time.
Tony Bears   (02-14-2021)
More to come! They never change!
Tommy Fairbank   (02-18-2021)
So embarrassing
Andrew Pelters   (02-18-2021)
Wow! Unbelievable! Stupid morons!
Tony Bears   (02-27-2021)
Susan Wojcicki   (02-28-2021)
They are not morons but they are disgusting perverts - Clinton, Biden, Cuomo, Swalwell, Ducklo and more . All women who have been sexual abused must stand out to fight for their human rights! Go people!
Terrissa cooper   (03-11-2021)
They do not even know how to respect their women but they know how to lie to them!

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