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Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead,
Go Instead Where There Is No Path and Leave a Trail
( - Ralph W Emerson).

In WUSIT, We Go Beyond The Imaginations.

Social Network
Social Network (Local Focusing)

Our daily life is most likely interacting with the local community. Therefore, a platform connecting the localers and the community is established to serve this purpose as a local social network. On our network, everyone will be empowered with network tools that can be used on exchanging their common interests, thoughts and ideas. It is hoped to make our lives better and easier.


Local Biz/Org Network
For Local Biz/Org/Group

In cyber era, both internet and local businesses/groups need a reliable media for service interaction. Our jointed networks provide a platform for them to reach out more local potencial audiences. Your expectations can be delivered to localers who may interest on your services and products. It is beneficial to both parties: The customers get better services and discounts; the businesses get more attentions and audiences.


Advertisement Network
Discounts & Promotion Info

To reach out the right audiences beyond the unseem barriers, we need a friendly promotion platform. To achieve that, we create a bridge that is linking businesses to the potential customers who are intresting on your promptions. It saves time, money and efforts. The bottom line of expectation is both parties (local communities and promoters) who will be benificial from this interation.


Local Job Network
Local Job Network

A Job Network is a cyber media that is used for employment and recruitment purposes. It helps localers to find jobs and encourages the local employers to hire the right persons in local community. It ensures that both parties will get what they want in an effective way. In this way, the employment process will be smoother and simpler in a trusted communicaton platform.


Free Registration
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Two Steps For Registration
  • Step 1: Sign up on registration page with you valid email. After sign up, we will send you an activation URL Link to your email box.
  • Note: Our Account Activation, Change Password and Friends Connections are required a valid email for communication. (We will never use your email for advertising purpose or release it to third parties.)
  • Step 2: You need to click the URL link Button [ Activate Free Member Account ]

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    on the email that we sent to you to activate your account. After click, you will be auto redirected to That's all.
  • All type of accounts are free including the Biz/Org Account.
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